Poem – The Reluctant Sacrifice

Chaplain: “This poor man has been battered by violent winds, sharp daggers of sound, pitch perfect, piercing and fearsome”.   Priest: “But he is protected is he not? Do not his vestments provide shelter? Do not his long coat and heavy boots provide a sanctuary for his weary feet and broad frame?” Chaplain: “No, for … Continue reading Poem – The Reluctant Sacrifice

Another poem…somewhat more light hearted called the ‘Ascended Masters’ :-)

Thoughts flooding, bouncing off the pale ceiling. The fluorescent light does its best to bring illumination. But the true light arcs towards the pitch placed seating. Holding vessels, beings, bottles of bright white consciousness. One such being scratches his head, consults with the highest powers of the universe and asks cordially for the toilet. Another … Continue reading Another poem…somewhat more light hearted called the ‘Ascended Masters’ 🙂